28 April 2010

No, It Isn't an Error

You might think the picture was neglected to be changed, but Mito's goalkeeping performance remains amazing.

In all the players in the 9 J2 games played last weekend, Mito keeper Koji Honma was considered player of the round by a healthy margin, again.

In addition, defender Sakuda, who scored both of Mito's goals in addition to providing quality defense, was named in the top 11 team. Mito's opponent in the last round, Sapporo, had 4 players in the top 11 team, which shows how well that team's offense played along with Mito's defense quality. The game was exciting, but there is always the chance that it just means the other matches were poorly played!


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Nerdy said...

4-0 Merry Christmas:)!!