20 April 2010

Mito 1 - 0 Fukuoka

Mito got the first win since the first round and the first goal since the second at home on Saturday. The same style play has been implemented from the beginning and it has relied almost totally on defense. Even in this match, defender Owada was the one who scored the goal with a header from a cross in front of the keeper.

Mito now has a flat, even record. 2 wins, 2 losses, and 3 draws, with neutral goal difference.

The only negative point was the fan number, which was barely over 6000. This was due to a snowstorm in the morning, and at almost exactly freezing temperature, the roads and grass were covered. After 8AM or so this switched to freezing rain, then very cold rain, and it remained chilly and partly cloudy for the rest of the day. As most of the tickets for the day were free (and 10000 had been given out), half of the potential crowd with no money invested in the match chose to stay home.

After the match, thousands stayed in the stands for an hour to be part of filming an NHK episode involving the "worst of" Japan. This one focused on the worst-supported pro club. TV stars were at the stadium and connected live on the screen to banter with the fans, and it all will be shown on May 7th.

The next match is on Sunday at Sapporo.

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richy said...

I was wondering why the crowd numbers were so low...
..a pity.

But most important was a win for the fans who did turn up!!