24 March 2010

Mito 0-0 Ehime

While certainly a better result at Ehime than this time last year, this game shows another situation with the result not reflecting the team's strengths.

Ehime outshot Mito by a healthy amount but Mito's keeper Honma and defense were not challenged as much as Ehime's defense line. For their time playing, Katayama and Koike did especially well, and Yoshihara had two instances of dribbling through the defense only to be stopped by the keeper.

The second draw in a row is a bigger disappointment than the one a week earlier, but the team is still undefeated and in 6th place. Newly promoted Kitakyushu visits on Saturday after getting their first pro win, against Tokyo Verdy. They will have one starter suspended so this is a game Mito must win decisively to get on track this year.

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