30 March 2010

Everyone in Japan, Watch Mito's Next Home Game!

As part of a story to cover some of the poorest teams in Japan, NHK public TV will broadcast certain matches nationwide with special commentary relating to that story. The first match in this series and likely the only one featuring a pro team, Mito's next home match against Fukuoka will be broadcast nationwide on NHK. Even if you are too cheap to pay for satellite TV, you too can see the fightingest team in Japan on April 17 at 4PM! Even if on Miyake island, a hotel on Yakushima, or living outside Japan with the NHK signal on your local cable service, you can follow the constant intolerably exciting action!

All those who might be in the Mito area, come down to the stadium! To take advantage of this broadcast, the club is allowing everyone into the match completely free of charge, that is, to the home areas. The main stand and back stands are both free entry, while the away supporters area will be the same price. However, there is a requirement to be able to sign up online at the website and then pick the ticket up in various locations by the day before the match.

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