01 December 2009

Players Leaving after Saturday

Teams have usually waited until after the season to announce cuts, trades, and retirements, but this year many teams have started to do so before the last match. Mito followed suit.

Goalkeeper Shinichi Shuto. He has been a professional soccer player for 8 years. In that time he has appeared in 2 matches, both Emperor's Cup contests.

Defender Kazuhiro Suzuki. Unlike Shuto's less than ubiquitous nature, Suzuki has actually played in FIFTEEN J. League seasons, just missing out on the first two. That's got to be top percentile of longevity.

Midfielder Kento Hori. Just a couple injury shortened seasons but when he was playing, he gave his all. Likely to go back to the JFL where he was a star.

Midfielder Jun Muramatsu. A dependable player but his results are a bit off from last year.

Midfielder Hiromasa Kanazawa, usually called "Taisho". A solid player who just appeared in his 100th J. League match on Sunday, all but one being for Mito. If he plays on Saturday it'll mean exactly 100 in a Mito uniform.

Midfielder Shunichi Nakajima. Had a chance back in the J. League this year after 2 years in Okinawa, but played even less than he did years before in Nagoya.

All the above players worked hard and I wish them the best, but fans can take relief that no cut players could be considered vital starters or gamemakers.

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