19 September 2009

Public Viewing at Aeon Mall in Uchihara

Today's game at Gifu will be broadcast live at Mito's Uchihara Aeon Mall. There will be no charge to watch, of course, and a few plusses make this a bit more worthwhile than previous viewings in Kasama or Hitachinaka:

-2 players will be present, and will also have a signing.
-A museum style display of all uniforms since the JFL days will be set up.
-The first 20 people who sign up for SkyPerfecTV will receive a signed practice shirt.

So those who can't make the long drive to Gifu and don't have SkyPerfecTV can go see the game for free, sign up for SkyPerfecTV, and be motivated to do things like drive to Gifu to watch a game!

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