21 September 2009

Mito 1 - 3 Gifu

Mito is now 4 games without a win with an uninspired performance only slightly better than the Tochigi match. At least in this match Mito played solidly if unspectacularly for most of the first match and the last stretch of the second, but chances went largely unfulfilled. Mito's goal came from Takasaki with only a few minutes to go as Yoshihara juked past a Gifu defender, crossed into the penalty area, and Takasaki headed a bouncing shot that curled in as if thrown by a cricket bowler. This lit a fire under the Mito side to try to score the tying goal, but in that exuberance they allowed Gifu's last, game securing goal in injury time.

While Tosu won to move past Mito on goal difference, Mito was fortunate to have both Kofu and Shonan lose this round. The point gap for 3rd place is the same as it was before the loss, and still Mito can be promoted by winning 3 games more than Kofu and Shonan in the home stretch and having a better record than Tosu. The Tosu match coming up on Wednesday at Kasamatsu becomes huge and a win there would keep Mito in the race. A Tosu win, combined with top team wins, could end that hope. Although statistically any team in the top 12 right now is mathematically possible for promotion.

One of the reasons for the less than clockwork performance could be the travel. Because of the traffic expected on the long holiday, the team did not travel by bus on the highway but woke up early and took the express train and first bullet train toward Nagoya. I would find out later that the players were less than perfectly rested and comfortable.

Yoshiahara would be very charismatic and entertaining (although not very insightful) as guest on the After Game Show on SkyPerfecTV which also featured lots of Mito information.


richy said...

I'm sorry we won mate!
You noted that Mito was uninspiring, Gifu weren't too good either. I think that one bit of loose Mito defending when Satou scored the first goal was enough to give Gifu the momentum. If it had been Mito (Arata had a great chance) then i think the momentum would have been Mitos. Just one of those games I guess.
And the midday 29deg didn't help matters either...

Still Mito do have a chance. If they beat Tosu this time then it's all on again. Shonan are looking beatable and if Sendai can knock off Kofu today (I very tough task for Sendai but still..)Mito could still be in.

Cereso look consistant enough to go up. The rest is still up for grabs... although if Sendai win today then I think they might be ok.

The thing is with Mito, me - along with everyone else has been doubting them all year, and we've been proved wrong time and again, there's nothing saying that they won't surprise us yet again!

richy said...

Vendo, where are ya mate!!!
I'll be at K's Denki Stadium in two weeks for the Sendai clash.
If you know where youre going to be positioned tell me and I'll go round and see ya!

Looking forward to the game, but please, don't crash Sendai's party!!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Sorry for the inactivity... Been very busy going between Japan and the US. Once I recharge I'll be back swinging.

You might want to look into getting a ticket quickly. The away tickets are all sold out and more may or may not be released. It's unfortunate that the only team likely to fill the away section is there for the inaugural game. What you could do (and what is not really appreciated but is what many will do) is buy a home ticket in an adjoining section and fans will expand the away section. This happens in all games where away fans want the better seats anyway; they just sit close to the away fans in a different section.

I might be working in the main reception area or in the stands doing seat security, but I'll likely be doing gate work at one of the 3 main gates. I'm not too hard to find there, or if you were so inclined, you can ask any stadium worker. Everyone has a roster that shows where people are stationed for the day.

richy said...

Got my ticket a few weeks ago mate so its sorted! Not away, but the next level up.
I heard that the game has sold out! Not sure if thats true or not but yeah, it should be a good crowd.
A pity, as you say, that the opener is against a team like Sendai who will probably make up about 3/4 of crowd!

Anyway, I'll ask around if I can't find you. You will probably be pretty busy I imagine but hopefully we can at least shake hands before battle!