04 September 2009

Mito 1 - 1 Sapporo

Mito fought hard and played well against a determined home Sapporo side and came back with a draw. It marked the second game in a row where Mito came back after allowing the first goal. After Sapporo scored in the 51st minute, Kota Yoshihara hit a great header about 10 minutes later to even it up.

It would have been a good game to win with Shonan and Kofu both drawing, but with Sapporo being the toughest team any of the top 6 teams had to face this round, it marks a potential important step.

Next match is at Yokohama on Sunday, and ironically in Mito's best season, the team has yet to beat Yokohama in their most tragic year. This will be the last chance and will be vital to keep promotion a chance, with still only 5 points below the promotion area.

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Ruda said...

Hello Vendo:

I think the current fifth place It's the best in Mito's history. The way of success this season I think is having four big scorers, Endo, Arata, Yoshihara and the big star Takasaki. J1 is a possible dream...

Hello! from Mexico ;)