03 August 2009

Mito 3 - 1 Tochigi

Mito's 2nd 3-1 game in a row and 2nd 3-goal game against Tochigi this year.

The outcome was never really in doubt with the difference in team strength apparent. The only complaint I could have was that my responsibilities at the stadium kept me from being able to see the PK foul against forward Takasaki and Endo's goal in the second half.

Takasaki's PK along with Endo's goal and Arata's assist into Morimura's tap-in made for the second game in a row that had Mito up by 3. Tochigi, like Tosu before, was able to get a consolation in near the end of the game.

Mito is still in 5th and slowly closing in on those above. The promotion spots are as little as two wins away. For the first time this late in a season, Mito has won most of its games, with 16 wins out of 31 matches.

Coming up next is Shonan, and despite the last meeting resulting in a 1-5 loss, it would be hard to guess a winner seeing Mito's return of injured players and Shonan's current slump against even very weak teams. If Mito wins on Wednesday, Mito has a very real shot at promotion, beyond the dreams of years past and the hopes of the season up to this point. For the remaining 20 games, Mito would only need to keep a slightly better record than 3 teams out of Tokyo, Shonan, Kofu, Sendai, and Osaka. With Tokyo it has been possible and Shonan seems likely if current trends continue. All it takes is for one of the top three to slip up a bit in the last third.

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