23 August 2009

Mito 1 - 0 Osaka

After the narrow loss at Shonan and the disappointing draw with Toyama, Mito again had the full squad against Kumamoto for the win and again at the biggest win of the year last night in Osaka.

Osaka was the stronger team for most of the match in almost all areas but Mito's defense and goalkeeping shut out any chance for the team to score, and this round Mito was actually helped for once by the official, who loved flashing yellow cards everywhere except in the penalty areas. On two occasions Osaka forward Kagawa had a reason to argue very controversial tackles while approaching Mito's goal.

Osaka's defense was just as tenacious, and Mito scored by taking advantage of its only real mistake, as midfielder Kikuoka dashed impressively toward a passed ball and tapped it to an undefended Takasaki. One quick pass back and forth between them and Takasaki kicked it hard between the keeper's legs for the game's goal.

Beating Osaka is always a big deal but to do it in this situation, where Mito is chasing a promotion spot while Osaka is 1st place, is the best possible start for the last third of the season. Tonight is Shonan and Sendai which is similarly big, and both teams should be happy with Mito's win. They could repay Mito by drawing tonight, and keeping Mito not only 2 wins out of promotion territory... but first place. Watching last night's game, there is no reason to think the current winning streak can't continue. Mito has only lost one match in the last eleven, and that was 0-1 while playing one man down to Shonan. The last loss before that was narrowly to Osaka, and Mito doesn't have to worry about them any more this season. As Arata's case earlier this year showed, though, an injury to any starter could mean the difference between top 3 and mid level.


richy said...

Good stuff Mito. You must be stoked with that win Vendo!
Mito won last night on guts and defense. To score against Cerezo is not such a big deal, I mean their defense isn't the best in the league. But to keep them scoreless at the end of the game is HUGE. Mito has shown that they have great attacking this year, but also, especially of late, their defense has been awesome too.

As for the two questionable tackles on kagawa, I thought they were pretty fair calls, definitely leaning slightly away from a PK if anything.

So top 3 spots are up for grabs and it seems like Mito wants some!

I notice that Mito are playing Gifu in Gifu next month. You coming down?? Always welcome to crash at my place if you decide to do so mate. As always, the games between Mito and Gifu are always pretty interesting...

Otherwise, I'm still hoping to get up to Mito for the game in november between Mito and Sendai at the new stadium. Man, I was thinking at the start of the season that this might be an important promotional game for Sendai, but looking at it now, jeez... Sendai could be playing for promotion, Mito could be playing for promotion, one team could be knocking the other team out of promotion... whatever way you look at it, it should be a BIG game! And a good chance at being a sellout at that!
has Mito had a soldout game before??

Anyway, keep it up. Hopefully for my sake Sendai will win tonight. But I will be keeping a wary eye on Mito for the rest of the season!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Can't hit Gifu... And I go everywhere with the lady who would surely demand a hotel anyway!

Pretty sure no sellout. The new stadium fits more than 15000 and Mito's biggest draw ever was 9500 in 2006. The only sellouts were in the small Hitachi and Hitachinaka stadiums.

richy said...

No worries mate, but don't blame me if we end up beating you guys! lol Should be a good game, Mito are going to be hard to beat, but this year at home Gifu are a new team. It should be good. But first we must do you a favor and knock off Shonan for you!

As for the new stadium, sounds pretty cool. Im really looking forward to going their. btw is it close to any public transport?? Im thinking of going to the Kashima vs Yamagata game afterwards (Mito game starts at 12.30 - Kashima game at 3pm) do you think I could make it in time??
Otherwise I might try and hit Omiya or Yokohama maybe...
Not sure whether going by car would be the best option or not...???

Vendo Thefastlane said...

There will definitely be a bus from station to stadium, but the cheapest and fastest version would surely be tour bus or driving a private car, although parking would definitely be a problem.

Even the fastest travel time between Mito and Kashima stadiums would be at least an hour, and including dealing with parking at both stadiums and walking at Kashima, there is simply no way. You'd miss at least half of one game at least.

Omiya is almost as close as Kashima by car on the main Joban highway. Get the right traffic and it could be much faster.