06 August 2009

Mito 0 - 1 Shonan

Mito are still in 5th but now 8 points behind the promotion zone as the referee's good graces smiled upon Shonan Bellmare.

Defender Owada was given a straight red card in the first half for literally turning around and bumping into a Shonan player who jumped to the ground, after Arata received his 4th yellow of the year for being near a tripping Shonan player. So not only will both be out of the next match against Toyama, Arata needed to come off and be replaced by a defender to fill up the gap in the back. Less than one half game played in two possible as a result. While warming up in the second half, Mito forward Yoshihara yelled his displeasure from the side while watching one of many instances of poor calls and was rewarded with a yellow card as well.

Nothing against Shonan's ability. Their goal by Jean was very well placed and they would have had more if not for keeper Honma's consistent saving. It also surely would have been two goals if an earlier one wasn't cancelled due to an offside violation. Head official Noda was ready to call it, but the linesman wouldn't let the offside flag budge.

Mito could still show great tenacity and made it one of the most exciting games on a day of several good ones. Keeper Honma even played as a forward in the final two minutes in an attempt to secure the equalizer from free kicks and corner kicks. Shonan fans were very relieved, Mito fans were very upset, but I'm sure anyone watching was very entertained.

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