11 May 2009

Mito 1 - 5 Shonan

Wow! This wasn't good!

Mito MIRACULOUSLY still 5th!



Mito scores 5 goals in one match against Tokyo Verdy early in 2007 while that team is out of promotion territory, Tokyo is promoted in 2nd
Gifu scores 5 goals in one match against Montedio Yamagata early in 2008 while that team is out of promotion territory, Yamagata is promoted in 2nd

Allowing Shonan to score 5 goals to assure 2nd place and promotion. What a brilliant tactic!

1 comment:

richy said...

Intersting read for you here mate:

5 goals = promotion.
Wouldnt it be nice!!

Anyway, Mito are going to take all the points they can get without Arata there. If he can come back and Mito are still close to a promnotion spot then Id say they still have a chance.
Mitos playing good attractive football this year and definitely the younger players are doing their jobs well. Also the manager!
I think Mitos in for a good finish this year, but Arata is the key to whether they could gain promotion or not. He gives the whole team that extra edge...

Hoping for a quick recovery.

And remember Yamagata lost to Gifu twice last year and still got promoted... so even if you do lose to us again this year...