10 February 2009

Press Conference Report

Yesterday at 2PM, Mito's head management held a press conference regarding future plans for the club.

The schedule included:

-A screening of the J. League DVD regarding the 100 Year Plan, followed by the club's presentation on how it will fit into that plan.
-A presentation entitled "Mito's Restoration", with inflections on the club becoming a regional power as Mito city the eastern Japan power during the Tokugawa era.
-Announcement of a new strategy to strengthen the club by taking a nurturing attitude toward players and prospects. (It was this effort that helped star forward Arata to stay rather than go abroad or to a J1 club.)
-Announcement of a new 3 year plan to lead to the "Restoration": FC Mito SSS Plan

The "FC Mito Triple S Plan" is made up of three parts, of course:

-Developing the top team into a J2 contender.
-Developing players who feel pride and dignity yet are disciplined.
-To spread the feeling of enjoying soccer through the players and community.

-Creation of a club ground (this summer) and having that ground and the club be the pride of the community.
-Create entertainment outside what ordinary soccer clubs fulfill.
-To become a self-reliant club through community openness and support.

-To have all achievements be through the home community.
-To grow along with the city.
-To contribute to the community.

Through these pillars the team hopes to achieve the following in the 3 year span:

-To be basically profitable (that is, without the usual aid given by the League to J2 clubs).
-To have a total income of more than 360,000,000 yen (Approx. US$3.8 millon).
-To have an average of 5000 fans per home game.
-To finish 8th or above on the table.
-To have sellout matches.

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