21 November 2008

Supporters Club Appreciation for the Last Home Game, Auction

For the last home game this season on the 29th vs. Yokohama FC, as part of the effort to bring in 10,000 fans to see the game, a special offer is being given to people who are a part of the 2008 Supporters Club.

Just by showing the member's card, that person can gain free admission to either the A section or the S section.

In addition, members will receive a logo hand towel.

As always, previous club members will be able to join the 2009 club at a discounted price on that day.

Lastly will be a silent auction taking place with player signed items or equipment used in games on the block. Bids are placed on that day and the highest bid will be awarded on the fan appreciation day, December 7. This positive event will surely remove the negativity of this date that has lived in infamy!

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