13 November 2008

Mito Over Kusatsu in Minor Leagues

The J. League Youth Cup and Satellite League are still in full swing, and Mito's own development system is showing to be fairly adequate at the very least.

Mito is still top of the Satellite League group but mathematically cannot stay there as the other teams' games in hand will force at least one to push ahead even if on drawn points. The only team that cannot surpass Mito on points is Kusatsu, with only two draws in the group so far.

In the Youth Cup group as well, Mito had early success due to having the first matches played but despte close contests so far has only recorded two wins, both over Kusatsu, who are being demolished in each matchup against the other J League U-18 squads.

It seems that the North Kanto Derby will be very interesting in the near future, not only with the addition of Tochigi SC, but with the huge difference in quality between the Mito and Kusatsu farm systems.

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