07 October 2008

Mito 1 - 4 Gifu

Mito failed to snag its first season with three 3-game winning streaks with Gifu finally breaking its winless streak at Kasamatsu on Sunday.

Midfielder Hori took a quick goal for the lead, but Gifu evened it out before the half and took the lead in the second. In a press to push forward and tie it near the end, Mito allowed two more goals.

Due to staff illnesses, I was moved to guard the luxury seating area gate and this kept me from seeing any of the game live... Afterward I talked with the ground staff and saw some highlights and it seems that there isn't much to say about the match play. It was one of the more boring matches of the year with sloppy play on both sides. Particularly disappointing was the pitch condition in that it affected the ability to play. Each step and ball bounce was accentuated by a burst of sand and it looked embarrassingly similar to beach soccer. So much had been used to even out the field that the conditions were considered the same as deeply soaked. The new home ground can't be built soon enough.

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richy said...

Thanks for the spreading the word about my site etc. and the gossip about Mac eating habits! lol

Also thanks for letting us win our first game in ages too!!

As you say, game wasn't too exciting, only for us because we managed to rack up four whole goals!

But as you say, the pitch looked pretty bad, sand flying up all over the place!

So like you the week before, we both made bad decisions not to go up and watch our teams play in good wins... damn... oh well, hoping for some Emperors Cup glory this weekend instead.

Looks like I`ll have to wait til next season to get up to Mito. But Im looking forward to it!

PS. Good luck in your game this week against Fukuoka!