07 September 2008

Mito 2 - 0 Kumamoto PRO WIN #100

Mito picked up professional win number 100 in Kumamoto a few minutes ago. Mito dominated the game through strong defense and goalkeeping, chance creation, and capitalizing on Kumamoto's pass missing.

The first goal would come in the second half from captain Hiramatsu, and the defender took his third goal of the year, his third of his career, and his third by header off of a set play cross. Later, forward Arata would add to his second 3+ goal streak of the year by heading in a short cross from midfielder Suzuki. Arata's goal brings him to fourteen for the year and he is now the sole player holding 5th place in goal ranking.

The match is the first time Kumamoto has not scored since June, more than ten matches previously. In addition it mathematically eliminates Kumamoto from the possibility of J1 promotion this season. It also brings Mito its tenth win of the season, and the first team with double digits both in the standings and in games won.

Hiroshima, who beat Mito 4 - 1 in their last game, just defeated Gifu by a staggering 7 - 1, and so Mito passes the latter team to 11th place in the standings. That lead is slim, though,and Gifu could take it back with a win. A win from Mito at home against Tosu on Sunday, though, could mean reaching tenth place and the middle group of the table for the first time in months.

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richy said...

dont worry mate, I think Mito are safe for the time being...

Congrats on winning number 100!