12 September 2008

Gifts and Goods on Sunday

Sunday's match at home vs. Sagan Tosu is the first since Mito won its 100th professional match, and as part of the club celebration the team will offer many gifts and special offers to fans for that match only.

First of all, the T-Shirt I helped design. You should have seen the English involved before this! Only 100 will be made and sold.

Then, we have the commemorative mug, designed and produced by a famous traditional ceramics house in neighboring Kasama city.

As for the gifts, an especially unique one will be given to the first 100 fans to enter the main home gate. Frozen Melon Soda:

The last gift is for the first 1500 fans to enter any home gate. It's the recent poster featuring a world famous Japanese calligrapher from Ibaraki:

And, of course, there is the discount being offered to those wearing blue clothing to the stadium.

With the next day being a national holiday, there is even more reason to spend Sunday afternoon at Kasamatsu. If you can only make one Mito home game this year, make sure this is the one!

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