21 September 2008

Emperor's Cup Update

Over the weekend, Mito's future in this year's Emperor's Cup became a bit clearer, and teams with former Mito players found mixed results.

Shikoku side Kamatamare Sanuki lost to rivals Tokushima Voris Second 2 goals to 1. Former Mito forward Iwadate never got a shot off, and former Mito defender Hatta never got off the bench. Tokushima 2nd will face Mito if they can get past Kusatsu and Kashiwa and if Mito can defeat Fukuoka and Kyoto.

Former Mito player Yusuke Gondo's Zweigen Kanazawa defeated 2-1 their second JFL team in a row, being Kataller Toyama. Next for that team is one in the JFL just last year, FC Gifu.

Fukutaro Shino's Grulla Morioka was defeated 3-0 by the seeded university team, Osaka Sports University.

The next round, including Mito's first match, takes place on October 12. Mito will travel to Fukuoka for that match, and no matter the result, it should provide added fire for the Mito home match 2 weeks later when Fukuoka comes to visit for a league match.


SMB said...

Weekly Soccer Digest has a big feature on Mito this week

richy said...

damn the Emperors Cup is hard to predict!!