01 September 2008

Emperor's Cup Future

It was previously determined that Mito will face Avispa Fukuoka in the J2 seeded round of the Emperor's Cup tournament and would face Kyoto Sanga FC if successful.

Now the prefectural teams have been decided and if able to defeat Kyoto, it's now known that Mito would face one of the following teams:

-Kashiwa Reysol
-Thespa Kusatsu
-Tokushima Vortis reserve team
-Kochi University
-Kamatamare Sanuki (Shikoku League side with former Mito starters Iwadate and Hatta)
-Gainare Tottori (JFL side contending for J2 promotion this year)

Of these teams, it of course seems most likely that Kashiwa would be the strongest. Looking at the youth and play style, JFL hopeful Kamatamare Sanuki looks like a great dark horse to surprise the tournament this year, and the same can be said for Mito. The chances for this match are much higher than most would think, I feel.


richy said...

I think it's a pretty open "pool" and while Mito have definitely got a chance I don't think you can easily write-off Fukuoka or Kyoto, Kashiwa too. And Sanuki should be beaten by Tottori if Gainare have their full team in place, as they are in sparkling form at the moment.
Depending on how much emphasis they put on the Emperors Cup I think they could suprise any of the teams that they are pitted against.
All in all though alot depends on how much these teams put emphasis on the Emperors Cup. As Kyoto are almost out of relegation territory, and Fukuoka and Kashiwa are sitting in the mid-table they could definitely put forward their best players.
Mito should too no?
Tottori will probably be concentrating on promotion from the JFL so maybe they won't be putting their best players on the field...

Anyway, The Emperors Cup, anything can happen! You gotta love it!!

...FC Gifu have to travel to Toyama to play probably Toyama and Bantidonce in their first game... I'm thinking that the Gifu Second team will have a better chance of getting to the next round!

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Perhaps I should have been a bit clearer... Instead of a 0.1% chance that almost anyone would think, I'd put a Mito-Sanuki matchup at a 2, maybe 3% chance!

richy said...

haha... will be interesting to see anyway.
I always go for the underdog so if you guys end up playing Kashima then Im behind you 100 percent!

richy said...

well, it looks like you got the start you were after. Kamatamare 1 Gainare 0!
Off to a flyer!
Unfortunately next is Tokushima second who have been the better of the teams in recent years in the Shikoku league.
But hey, don't listen to me, the Emperors Cup is no place for predictions...!