25 August 2008

Futsal Event

Mito supporters and staff took part in a futsal tournament yesterday at the team's futsal court, FutParque, which is located on roof of Mito station's shopping center.

The five teams were made up of a previously assembled futsal team of supporters, a random gathering of supporters, a group of young soccer playing supporters, the team office staff, and the team stadium staff.

I played goalkeeper for Tifare, the stadium staff.

Results and picture here:


(It seems the person taking the picture wasn't zooming in as much as I thought, leading to a pronounced back bend on my part. How embarrassing.)

1 comment:

Furtho said...

Unlucky with the results by the looks of things, Vendo. But look on the bright side - at least you weren't playing for the team that won the previous tournament at the same venue.