06 June 2008

I Am Chono!

Mito Hollyhock and New Japan Pro Wrestling continue their cooperation with Masahiro Chono, perhaps the biggest star in modern Japanese wrestling, making an appearance at Kasamatsu Stadium during Wednesday's match against Tosu.
Special "I am Chono seat" packages are being sold, allowing 40 fans to watch the game with Chono in a special area, and be involved with "something planned" for the NHK Mito and SkyPerfecTV cameras.
Just as with the event in Hitachinaka earlier in the year, the Mito cheerleaders and mascot will be involved in the NJPW event to take place next Friday in the Mito Public Gymnasium. That event will feature such wrestlers as Chono, Tiger Mask, Jushin Thunder Liger, Jimmy Rave, and Riki Choshu. Other Mito HollyHock elements at the show will include a booth of club information and goods for sale, a discount on the entrance fee for people holding a ticket stub from the Tosu match, a gift presentation to the legendary wrestlers from Mito's players, and a free gift of Mito related candy to the first 50 spectators.


soilent green said...

mWo Baby!!!!!!!!!

Where is Tenzan and the Great Muta?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Oh, Tenzan will be there. Keiji Muto is currently president of All Japan Pro Wrestling now, though.