05 April 2008

Masahiro Takahashi to Mito HollyHock

Recent graduate of Chukyo University Masahiro Takahashi has joined the Mito team.

He's a forward, originally from Ibaraki's Koga city. He's been a soccer prodigy from a young age, starting as part of Tokyo Verdy's junior youth and then joining Funabashi High School, which is the top school in the country for producing future pro players.

Mito has hit it big with recent college imports Arata and Kikuoka, and Takahashi looks to be another great contribution.

His message: 「地元茨城県出身です。水戸の為に日々努力して勝利へ導けるようにがんばります。」 ("I come from the Ibaraki region. I will strive every day to perform for Mito and to help the team win.")

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