25 January 2008

Kento Hori to Mito HollyHock

Competition for myself as yet another Kento joins Mito HollyHock. Kento Hori was one of the best players in Japan never to play pro, playing for Sagawa Express in the JFL for 3 years. Despite being a midfielder, he scored 38 goals in 97 matches over the past three years, playing consistently throughout that time. He was part of the World Student Games before that, and this past year was a member of the runaway JFL champion team and was selected to the league's best eleven squad.

His message to the fans:
「水戸ホーリーホックの一員としてプレーすることになりました。Jリーグから声をかけていただいたことをうれしく思います。水戸の08年のスローガン「TOGETHER」を実現すべく、チームのために自分の持ち味を発揮したプレーができるよう全力で取り組みます。サポーターの皆さん、よろしくお願いします。」"I've become a member of Mito HollyHock. I was so happy to hear the call come from J. League. Implementing the 2008 slogan of "TOGETHER", I want to display my individual characteristics with all my effort for the sake of the team. Supporters, I am at your service."

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