09 December 2007


I watched the last day of open tryouts at Suifu Field this morning. The quality of play was very good among the candidates, and most were from the youth teams of J1 or J2, or from JFL or lower league players, all wearing their practice kits. Also there were two African players in Mito uniforms, likely already scouted and asked to join the practice. These two seemed to be the best on the field today with another one or two who might also be considered for a spot.


Tomoki said...

Hey, Didn't you try out?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I found out that I'd have been a hinderance, and when I watched it only confirmed things. I definitely am not in the shape of everyone there and would have felt in the way. I'm very content to have watched with some of the players and fans.

Furtho said...

A bit early to be asking this question, maybe, but what with the new coach and the announcement that a fair number of players will be leaving, what will be your target for 2008?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Honestly, positive. The team has commented on continuing Maeda's vision of "action soccer" which proved to add the tiniest bit of scoring power to the play. Fundamentally, the team has kept the performing veterans, released anyone middling to poor despite being veterans or even at their peak, and is banking on the younger guys and bringing in new young guys both to play and to coach.

Without question, next year will be faster, and will remain exciting as much of the second half of this season showed. As to how that can translate into more wins, it will be difficult to say, but it will be an improved team. Plus, lack of money only makes the young kids hungrier to win and improve, and that is something where Mito LEADS in the J. League!

It's too optimistic to say that Mito will usher in the new stadium in J1 in 2009, but I can't see how the team next year would do worse than this year.

I'll be optimistic and go for a club record 6th place finish.