19 December 2007

Renewed Contracts

The first list of players already signed to play in 2008 has been released. Notable names missing are:

Midfielder Kanazawa, who had a great year, but was on loan from Yokohama FC, who may have demanded his return for next year.

Defender Yoshimoto, who has been playing very well and captained nearly every game he took part in.

Midfielder Ogura, who played for the national U-22 team and seems likely to join the Olympic squad.

Forward Nishino, Mito's goal leader for the season.

The following players have signed on for 2008:

Koji Honma
Yoshinobu Harada

Hiramatsu Daishi
Hideyuki Nakamura
Masashi Owada

Jun Muramatsu
Naoya Ohashi
Takuya Shihara
Junya Kimura
Kenichi Mori
Yoshikazu Suzuki
Jun Shimanuki
Kazuhiko Shingyoji

Shogo Shiozawa
Keisuke Endo

Other players from 2007 will mostly either sign later or choose to go elsewhere. It doesn't seem likely that any player is old enough to retire.

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