16 December 2007

Friday and Saturday

Two small HollyHock related events took place.

On Friday night, the Curva Azul sitemaster, who is also the drummer for rock band The Carmin, put on a concert at Mito Light House. Many supporters gathered and it was great fun as always.

On Saturday, the final Maeda festival took place. For two hours, about a hundred fans sat down with former coach Maeda as he answered questions and told stories involving both Mito and his time as a national team member in the 80s. After talking, the fans posed for pictures and Maeda signed uniforms and trading cards from his JSL days. Afterward, outside, the fans threw him in the air three times, and chanted "Maeda" until he reached his car and drove out of Mito for the long term for the first time in 5 years.


From said...

Is it clear what Maeda's going to do now, Vendo? He seems to be held in a lot of affection by Mito fans.

Vendo Thefastlane said...

Right now? No idea! He said he would be looking for what's next after taking a short break.