19 December 2007

Edison Bruno Hiralio to Mito HollyHock

(His name was written as ヒラリオ and I am guessing as to the Romanization.)

Mito has signed Edison to start in 2008. He is a Brazilian who has lived in Japan for some time, recently graduating from a high school in Shibuya. He's a defender specializing as a sweeper, and would fill Kanazawa's spot nicely if Yokohama FC does not release him or extend his rental.

His message: 「1日1日の練習を大切にして試合に出られるように頑張りますので応援よろしくお願いします。」("I will hold each individual practice to be important to be able to enter games and so I ask for your support.")


Tomoki said...

Did this player succeed in the tryout that took place? Also, is this the high school that Tulio of urawa reds played for?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

The results of the tryout have not yet been released.

Indeed, he is from the same school and in the same style of Tulio, who of course was Mito's star player in the 2003 season. Many message boards refer to him as "Tulio's kohai (protege)" and are naming him with Tulio's Chinese character name, only changing the initial 闘 (tou) to 平 (hira).

tomoki said...

Is he brazilian-japanese like tulio or full brazilian with japanese citizenship like santos? Hope he turns out to be good as tulio. Also, do you have any videos of Tulio when he played for Mito?

Vendo Thefastlane said...

He was born in Brazil and I do not think he has Japanese citizenship. Tulio as well did not have citizenship until after he started play for Mito.

No videos, unfortunately. :(