09 November 2007

I May Join the Team

Well, kind of.

Mito has decided to hold an open tryout for players on the top team next year. Although meant for former pro players, semi-pro players, current school team players, and perhaps pro futsal players, anyone can submit the form to join the tryout if paying the 10,000 yen application fee.

On December 8, thhe first leg takes place with a day long exhibition, and players who do well will be asked back for an in depth look the next day.

I know I have basically zero chance of making the team, but I've played around as a goalkeeper recently and have a tiny bit of skill there. More for the fun of it, I think I might join the tryout. If nothing else, it should be a good experience and I think it's the kind of thing I'd always regret not doing.


-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

hehe, well good luck then :D so next season we might see u replacing Honma from time to time in the Mito goal :P do all J2 clubs have open try-outs like this? sounds quite interesting :)

Vendo Thefastlane said...

I'm not sure if all have an open system, but this seems to be the same system that teams use to judge new players only with everyone invited to submit an application rather than being invited.

I'm not sure if it is quite as open as it seems though. I will stop by the club office and make sure it isn't for experienced club team members only. I don't want to sign up only to be a barrier for those who would otherwise sincerely have a chance. If the team says that they want me to give it a shot despite only playing on a team at age 8, then I'll give it my all. :)