16 September 2007

Exhibition Match: Mito 3 - 2 FC Tokyo

The B-sides of Mito and J1 mid-table team FC Tokyo played today at Kasamatsu's sub ground. Mito dominated the first half while Tokyo took over in the second following the replacement of keeper Harada with Takeda on the Mito end. However, Mito turned on the defence to hold off Tokyo in the closing minutes to get the win.

Mito went up 3-0 in the first half and first minute of the second half with two goals from Shiozawa and a goal from former youth team member Naoya Ohashi. Particularly impressive was midfielder Shingyoji who played in the first half, whose speed and crosses led to both goals.

There was a PK attempt for each team in the game. Mito's kick was blocked, while Tokyo's scored that team's second goal.

After the match, Shingyoji came to the woman holding a baby right beside me, and I found out that the newborn is his. A little humbling considering how much younger he is than myself...

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