13 July 2007

Mito 0 - 2 Shonan

Mito avoided the embarrassment of the last weekday nighter against Shonan by bringing in more than 1,000 fans and NOT being the only game with fewer than 2,000, as Yamagata's crowd was the only non-Mito game of the year thus fall to fall below that number.

The first half proved to be good for Mito but as has been customary no goals were taken. The second half featured a surging Shonan side but goalkeeper Takeda seemed determined to make it a scoreless day for Shonan as well. As against Tokyo last weekend, though, the end of the game proved disappointing as he let in two goals from Shonan's imposing Brazilian players, Jean and Adiel.

Mito has now gone without a goal in the last three games. After taking this weekend's leg off, the next game against Kyoto looks to be difficult. Mito will have rest and the week and a half of preparation going for it, but it's hard to see what else would be.

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