29 July 2007

Mito 0 - 0 Kusatsu

The second scoreless draw in a row for Mito, yet another game in which the few chances to win went unfulfilled. Mito outplayed the Kusatsu side who were demoralized in their last game, a 1-5 loss against Fukuoka, and not taking 3 points in the standing in this situation was truly disappointing.

After the match I talked with Biju, Yoshikazu Suzuki, and coach Maeda. The effort everyone put in was clear and there was some satisfaction from everybody, but it was also clear that there is some war weariness in regards to the fight to move out of last place.

The player of the match might have been goalkeeper Honma, who make several wonderful saves. Kusatsu didn't take many shots, but most were well placed and Honma showed great composure in stopping them.

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