30 June 2007

Mito 0 - 3 Fukuoka

This match showed the dominance of Fukuoka's teamworking forwards. The game wasn't entirely one sided, but Mito could only control about 25% of this match, mostly in the first part of the second half.

The defense and defensive midfielders worked very well, but goalkeeper Takeda had an off day. He dropped the ball (or rather, didn't touch the ball) at three critical times which allowed goals.

Today marked Biju's debut, and I realize now that who I thought was Gadu (as that was what he was being called at the practice) was actually Biju. He did well and laid in the best shot of the game, with the Fukuoka keeper deserving praise for being able to stop it.

Of interesting note is that with Kumamoto leading in the JFL and Oita sputtering in J1, it looks very possible that Kyushu will have 4 teams in J2 next year, with Kumamoto, Oita, Fukuoka, and Tosu. Of the 4, it seems the most likely NOT to be in J2 is Fukuoka, if the front line keeps playing like they did today against Mito.

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