03 June 2007

Mito 0 - 1 Tosu

Yet another highly unfortunate in which Mito outplayed, outshot, and outsaved Tosu for the entire match, with Tosu's lone threatening shot penetrating for a goal.

Half the team being benchwarmers used to playing mostly in satellite games, Mito played agressively and hard, with manager Maeda praising them despite the loss.

For anyone who doesn't understand the unique style Mito plays and how it can be effective against almost any opponent when performed correctly, I urge them to catch a replay in this upcoming week. Losses don't come any closer or more respectable.

As I was walking amongst the coaches and players in the locker rooms after the game, a Tosu coach stuffed his pockets with canned drinks from the Mito complementary refrigerator. He seemed embarrassed when I saw him.

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