06 May 2007

Mito 1 - 1 Tokushima

I have never been so drenched by rain in my life as during this match. Rain and small hail came pouring down in a coastal torrent that made visibility difficult and certainly scared away fans. What was expected to be several thousand became just over a thousand, including about 30 die hards who came from Shikoku.

The improvement seen in the Mito squad is readily apparent, though. The team has only lost, and badly, in all previous matches in the rain in the past year. Also, when the opposing team scored first, Mito's players were rattled into submission. Thursday's experience seems to have remedied much.

All elements worked well today with no major mistakes, midfielder Kanazawa played brilliantly as he has of late, and forward Shiozawa finally got the goal he has been shooting for. Most teams would consider a home draw against Tokushima to be a disappointment, but the quality play and improvement shown by Mito in such adverse conditions is comendable. The optimism of the manager, players, and fans continues.

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