20 May 2007

Mito 0 - 3 Sapporo

Sapporo's goal in the first minute of the game rattled Mito, who scrambled to try and get back into things. Another goal in the first half and the one in the second to put the game out of reach brought Mito its first loss this month.

Surprisingly to me, Hiroki Kato, the special accessory player whom I thought would be on the roster with no play time, proved fairly effective as a starting member. He stands at 190 CM and with fellow tall defender Owada seems to make a fairly good stopper. Despite being his first professional game, manager Maeda said his performance was an "8 out of 10" and sees good things to come from him as the season progresses.

As for yesterday, though, the momentum of the Tokyo win seems to have come to a complete end. I will not be able to attend Wednesday's Osaka game, and it will be the first home game in almost a year I could not see live, but I wish the team well and hope that Mito can pull off its first win against Osaka and its first win at home in 2007.

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