29 April 2007

Mito 0 - 2 Sendai

It seems Mito is either pulling off scoreless draws or losses of 0 - 2 this year. Out of 12 matches, 7 have ended in one of these ways.

Again, Mito puts forth a great match with a lot to be proud of. In the online real time chat, many Sendai fans watching the game on TV were commenting on how unbelievable it was that this team was at the bottom of the standings.

Great defense and great all around play do not win games, though, and Mito has yet to find a way to take advantages of chances made.

From this match and in the future, Mito transitions from a defensive team to one more well rounded in formation as the typical 3 -5 - 2 (played more like 5 - 3 - 2 at most times) is replaced by 3 - 4 - 3.

The next match against Tokyo should prove exceedingly interesting. I will travel to see it live at Tokyo's Olympic Stadium for my first away game this season.

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