15 April 2007

Mito 0 - 2 Sapporo

Again, Mito plays one half well and one half poorly. Ironically, the half played well was the first half in which Mito allowed 2 goals, and a scoreless second half showed Mito make many bad mistakes.

All the players making comments claimed this was a transition game... Mito's fans surely hope this is the case as the next game is against the last of the three former J1 teams in the leg, Osaka. If Mito is able to at least tie this team, it would definitely show that this transition is for the best. If not, it is difficult to see where this season may lead.


-------------NipponBasse----------------- said...

Hi, I want to give u credit for a great blog! May I ask you why the interest in seemingly the smallest club in J.League? ^^ how do you rate them when they're going up against Cerezo this weekend? ^^Of course I hope for a stunning home victory, but according to reports Mito haven't played that bad lately, creating lots of chances..

anyway, see you around!


Vendo Thefastlane said...

I follow Mito because it is my hometown team! I have incredible
respect for the effort and am appreciative of the great entertainment
and excitement they have brought into my life. I try to lay a personal
stake in it by devoting so much time volunteering at games and at
events, and this brings me closer to everything going on.

I think that, if Mito plays at its best and Osaka at its worst, Mito
could win with a 2 goal margin. If Mito plays at its best and Osaka
also plays well, It would be a tie or a 1 goal win for Osaka... If
Mito keeps making the mistakes that have plagued most games this
season, Osaka could win in a blowout...

If I didn't have requirements at the office, I would probably travel
and see the game. Looks like it will just be TV for me. :)

SMB said...

Are you going to the Verdy game on Thursday? I will be in attendance, rooting for Mito so they pull the plug on Ramos once and for all.....hell, I might sit in the Mito supporter section just to give it to Rui.