04 March 2007

Mito 0 - 1 Yamagata

Today's match was unfortunate for Mito fans not only because of the result but because Mito controlled the game for most of the time, and appeared to play a smarter game of soccer.

Mito kept the ball in the attacking half of the field most of the game and successfully defended against many shots and corner kicks. It would take three continuous shots played off of deflections by Mito goalkeeper Koji Honma for Yamagata to finally take a point. Despite this, Mito kept the game competitive and exciting until the last whistle.

Brazilian forward Edinaldo was kept out of the game until the last 20 minutes. Coach Maeda later said that Edinaldo is still an unknown and must be gradually introduced to matches so he can find his place.

Mito has the next leg off, and will play its second match on Saturday next week.

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