06 February 2007

New Players and Staff Official Introduction

The nine new players, new staff member, and heads of the Mito HollyHock gathered today for an official introduction to the press and fans. Here are their individual comments:

<Head Representative Hiroshi Kobayashi>
"Compared to last year, I feel that the fresh members of this year's squad will lead to more solid results."

<Company Sports Head Tadahisa Onizuka>
"Using last year as a base, we will focus on possession soccer. We'll also keep in mind the 7 straight defeats we suffered last year. We think the new players gathered here today will will have dependable power (to prevent this from happening again).

<Coach Hideki Maeda>
"Until now defense has been most important. From now, with this as a base, we must nurture possession soccer. With the fucion of new talent with veteran experience, I think we will be able to strive for a higher rank this year."

<MF2 Fukutaro Shino>
"I will practice hard so I will be able to perform on the field."

<DF4 Kazuhiro Suzuki>
"With my experience, I will contribute to the team what I can."

<DF5 Shinya Hatta>
"I will contribute 100% of my effort to my position."

<MF7 Jun Muramatsu>
"I will try very hard to perform in many matches so I ask for your support."

<FW9 Takaaki Suzuki>
"I want to score more than I did last year and try hard to bring the team good results."

<MF17 Hiromasa Kanazawa>
"I will try with all my might to contribute to Mito's success."

<MF22 Kenichi Mori>
"I will work hard for the team."

<FW23 Keisuke Endo>
"I will work hard for the team."

<MF24 Jun Shimanuki>
"I won't waste a day of training, and I will work hard to perform on the field so I ask for your support."

<Trainer Youji Hirahara>
"I will do my best to assure that the players are in better condition for the matches."

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