14 February 2007

Edinaldo to Mito HollyHock

It was just announced that 19 year old Brazilian forward/midfielder Edinaldo (Edinaldo Batista Dos Santos) is contracted to Mito from February 10 to December 10 of this year.

He has been playing professionally for Sport Club Corinthians Alagoano in Brazil and was part of 1 U-17 winning state champion teams and 2 U-20 winning state championship teams. Sport Club Corinthians Alagoano is known worldwide for producing young stars who play around the world, and Mito fans hope that Edinaldo brings success to Mito and marks that Brazilian club's first renouned star to play in Japan.

His goal for the year:
"I want to become Mito's power."

His message to the fans:
"Let's rise to division 1 together!"

*I previously posted that Edinaldo is a striker. Please see the comments section for an explanation of his position.


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Thank you for the comment! コメントありがとう!

(Above comment translation)

"If you Google his previous location, you can probably find some information.
It appears like the following is from a Fabio (year 2005) promotional video.
Edinho(His nickname)is naturally not a forward but rather a midfielder, but as he plays between the midfielders and forwards he is registered as a forward.
He isn't a striker type like Anderson but rather a player who can charge from his position and make chances, I think.
I'm not sure if he is a passer type or dribbler type so I want to make sure through watching practice matches."